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Situation Ethics!

Does the ethical system (detailed below) sound familiar? Once this ethical system begins to roll it is very difficult to stop. And the media outlets push to change public opinion for this very reason. Perhaps we need to hang on, because the ride is only going to get rougher and less predictable as time moves forward.

From the Dictionary of Theological Terms (pp. 419–420): The so-called “New Morality” that became dominant in most Western societies during the second half of the 20th century. Situation ethics teach that there is no authoritative moral code revealed by God and obligatory on man as His creature. Thus what is right is not established by any absolute imperative of a divine law but by the exigencies of a given situation. According to this view, choices depend on the demands of the situation, not on a universal standard of right and wrong. Thus, there are times when we must sacrifice our principles to “do the right thing.” The right thing in this scenario is what is “good” at that moment. Under the pretext of “love,” what is right according to God’s law may be dismissed so as to leave us free to do what is “good” for ourselves or others.

This is the thinking that produced the sexual revolution of the post-1960 period. It is a theory that separates moral decision and action from any principle of divine revelation and grounds them in what is acceptable to, or practiced by, a majority or near majority of the population…those opinions become norms that define society’s morality. Once declared normal by popular opinion, any behavior, however deviant or perverse, establishes itself as the rule by which every other standard, especially the Christian standard, is declared abnormal, reactionary, phobic, or antisocial.

Welcome to the moral bankruptcy that we live in here in America. Welcome to a nation that MUST return to God if it is to remain great! Situation Ethics is just one of the numerous ethical systems that people are living under and these are a huge part of the cause of the polarization that we experience in our lives today. Pray that God will work through His people to bring change to the common confusion. Pray that we, as His people, will hold to His absolute moral compass as our source of direction of right and wrong. May God bless.


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